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セックス 無料 My homeroom teacher entered a maternity leave, and Ms. Yuri Sajara, assistant professor who had been concerned for a long time, was assigned a homeroom teacher. "I" was a teacher's full of tears, studying was not available, and the results were stupid. Mr. Yuri who worried about it went on to give a special remedy in the room of the teacher, but Mr. Yuri was a "bokki" who did not think it would be only two people 

担任が産休に入り、以前から気になっていた副担任の紗々原ゆり先生が担任になった。 『僕』は先生の事でアタマがいっぱいになり勉強も手につかず成績はガタ落ち。それを心配したゆり先生が、先生の部屋で特別補習をしてくれることになったのだけど、2人きりになると思わずボッキしてしまう『僕』にゆり先生は…。 HD 1080p the fastest by JavFast