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セックス 無料 "Why such a worst man is my boss." Working in the same workplace as my husband Ao. My husband is a little weak and the result of his work is another one. Such a husband received power hara from the boss' s place. Sawachi is a vulgar, the lowest guy who does not think about people's feelings. I also came to the house on a wedding anniversary. And as soon as I gave my husband a hard work, I came close to him. In order to preserve my husband, I decided to be prepared to be held by the man who I hate most. However, it is said that this man feels so much, that it is squid.

「なんでこんな最低な男が上司なの。」夫と同じ職場で働くあお。夫はお人よしで気が弱く仕事の成績は今一つ。そんな夫は上司の澤地からパワハラを受けていた。澤地は下品で、人の気持ちなど考えない最低な男。結婚記念日にも図々しく家にやって来た。そして、夫に激務を与えるとあおに迫ってきた。夫を守る為、救う為にあおは最も嫌う男に抱かれる覚悟を決めた。しかし、その男にこれ程までに感じ、イカされてしまうとは―。 HD 1080p the fastest by JavFast