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Lena who is brown burned skin and an impressive exotic expression is this week's newcomer! He seems to be an English teacher usually at a cram school, he says that he is a popular teacher because he is casually going to the students' lower neta with that refreshing character! The face behind the popular teacher from such a student ...... Actually every day one or two times it sexlessly ridiculous ridiculous Bitchi unless it finishes sex! Too honest I was going to hand out the students a couple of times, but there was such a moment that I could talk to himself that I managed to struggle by stepping my way. I wonder if it really is a hand? - (?) I do not have 500 people with experience, but it seems that half of it has definitely crossed over, so the time it took me to get to the hotel was so short ) Although it is scrupulous enough to get used to the equipment as much as I care about the camera rather than being taken with the camera When starting to take off it was embarrassing (!), So it is embarrassing there, that is embarrassing · · · It is quite full of plunges, but guaranteed degree of Rena's schedule! I guess I love rough sexual sex, so anyway I stabbed a cock in my guy! At the end, I became fluffy, sprained and I was caught in a disorderly position as I could not move from the bed! By the way, she asked for an alternative SEX and disappeared into the town

褐色に焼けた肌と、エキゾチックな表情が印象的なレナちゃんが今週の新人です!普段は塾で英語の先生をしているそうで、そのさっぱりした性格と生徒の下ネタにも気軽にのっていくこともあって人気の先生なんだって! そんな生徒から人気の先生の裏の顔は・・・・・実は毎日1~2回はSEXしないと気が済まないくらいのとんでもない淫乱ビッチちゃん!正直生徒に手を出してしまいそうなことも何回かあったけれど、そこは何とか頑張って踏みとどまったとあっさり話すほどのやばさ。本当に手だしてないのかな~(?)経験人数も500はいってないけれど、その半分は確実に越えているらしく、そのせいでホテルまで連れていくまでの時間が過去最高に短かったです(笑)カメラで撮られることよりも機材の方が気になるくらいの慣れっぷりにビビりつつも いざ脱ぎ始めるとそこは恥ずかしがっていた(!)ので、あ、そこは恥ずかしいんだ・・・となかなか突っ込みどころが満載ですが、レナちゃんのスケベ度は保証します! 乱暴にされる、荒々しい激しいSEXが大好きらしいので、とにかくガンガンにチンポを突き刺してやりました!最後にはフラフラになりながら痙攣起こしてベットから動けなくくらい乱れてイキまくちゃってました!ちなみに彼女、お代わりSEXを求め街に消えていきました

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