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Tameike Gorrow's huge hit series that the situation of being bullied and the situation of standing position are reversed. Yuko Shiraki appeared in surprise at its 17th bullet! A prideful married woman from the neighbor who accused me of self-governing membership refusal as selfish. I appealed "Is not it optional?" I requested an apology when the attitude was bad, I lowered my head and went away. When I go to Matt Health to divert that stress in customs, what a wife who is next door to come out! Nyari ... haha

苛められる立場と苛める立場の形勢が逆転するという溜池ゴローの大ヒットシリーズ。その第17弾にサプライズで白木優子が登場!自治会費の徴収を断った僕を、自分勝手だと非難してきた隣家の高慢な人妻。「任意じゃないのか」と訴えるも態度が悪いと謝罪まで要求、頭を下げさせ去っていった。そのストレスを風俗で発散しようとマットヘルスに行くと、出てきたのはなんと隣家の人妻!ニヤリ…笑 HD 1080p the fastest by JavFast