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The season is summer! summer! ! Ocean! ! Swimwear gals! ! The beach that arrived at that! ! When I am looking for a sexy woman on the sandy beach, I found two swimwear beautiful girls chatting with juice in a fun way! ! Enjoy sparing watermelon and watermelon in the ocean with the two good people! ! When playing all together and getting excited The place to go to the end is decided! ! Move to the hotel and start drinking again. To talk also flowers bloom and change in swimwear with nori ♪ ♪ You can not have to be excited if you change clothes! ! Creating a surreal situation of self-taking in a swimming suit in the room, drinking in swimsuits as it is Itchai w w sickness also seems to have turned around, and guards are loose Yuna and Erina. As soon as you rub the breasts from behind, you confirmed the soup of Eri na - chan

季節は夏!サマー!!海!!水着ギャル!!ということでやって来ました海水浴場!!砂浜でセクシーな女性を探していると、楽しそうにジュース片手に談笑している水着美女二人を発見!!ノリの良い二人と海の中ではしゃいだりスイカ割りをしたりと夏を満喫!!一通り遊んで盛り上がったら最後に行く所は決まってるっしょ!!ホテルへ移動して飲み直し開始。トークにも花が咲きノリで水着に着替えて貰う事に♪生着替えして貰えば興奮しないわけがないっしょ!!室内で水着姿で自撮りというなんともシュールな状況を作り出し、そのまま水着姿で飲みながらイチャイチャww酔いも回ってきたようでガードがゆるゆるな祐奈ちゃんとえりなちゃん。おっぱいを後ろから揉みしだき、えりなちゃんのおま by JavFast