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A pleasure of trance rushes over Prestige exclusive actress "Kurokawa Salina" ... .... A couple who swore eternal love and a lover who spun deep trust. Relations built up collapse in a moment and awaken to new pleasures. At one time my father-in-law feels frustrated, and at a certain time I get drunk at an alumni association with an ex-girlfriend. Images that serve others' reds are discovered, threatened by ballet affair ... ... While leaning on an obscene expression that should be seen only by those who love, we will entrust ourselves to the pleasure of running through the whole body. We will deliver 4 situations enveloped by anger and strange excitement.

プレステージ専属女優『黒川 サリナ』に背徳の快楽が押し寄せる…。永遠の愛を誓った夫婦や深い信頼を紡ぐ恋人。築き上げてきた関係は一瞬で崩れ、新たな快感に目覚めていく。ある時は義父に欲求不満を悟られ、またある時は同窓会で元カレとの情事に酔いしれる。赤の他人に奉仕する映像が発見されたり、不倫関係がバレて脅されたり…。愛する者しか見られぬはずの淫猥な表情を浮かべながら、全身を駆け巡る快楽に身を委ねていく。腹立たしさと異様な興奮に包まれる4シチュエーションをお届けします。

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