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Married wife Ryoko (29). A short trip for two nights with a man the wife first met. The 180th big hit series. Close to a secret married woman for 24 hours. "Actually I ..." Fourth year of marriage. Married woman who lost his father at an early age has economic circumstances, ● Employment after school graduation. About the same age I met a radiologist 's husband at my age 20 with a friend' s introduction. My first love affair for a married woman ... The relationship since my husband was a medical student was twists and turns, but I got married for six years and 26 years old. After getting married for a while, she worked together for a while, but retired as a mother who raised herself with one hand was destroyed. Since then, I am being challenged by my parents' house and my housekeeping career and my mother's duty to walk away. The relationship between husband and wife is good but in the last few years there is almost no activity in the night. why? A married woman who went on a trip began to tell an unexpected truth ....


by JavFast