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無料 エロ Themed theme 'Voice tolerance' .... Lehman 's servant, who was sending us a quiet life with the wife of my 5th year of marriage, one day, I crowded with a man named Mr. Ikeda, a craftworker who was dispatched by the construction of our exterior wall, I decided to drink it. Mr. Ikeda, a craftworker who drifts the smell of sake, is supposed to do "massage at the back of the sofa where I sit" to his wife saying that shoulder and waist are easy to get tired from everyday .... I stick to the full story "at the blind spot", NTT DRAMA toughen my voice!

こだわりのテーマ「声我慢」…。結婚5年目の妻とふたりで平穏な暮らしを送っていたリーマンの僕は、ある日、我が家の外壁工事で派遣されて来た職人の池田氏と言う男性と意気投合して、我が家で一杯飲む事になったのです。普段から専業主婦で肩や腰が疲れやすいと言う妻に、酒の匂いを漂わす職人の池田氏が、「僕のが座るソファのすぐ裏でマッサージ」をして下さる事になって…。全編「死角で」にこだわった、声我慢NTRドラマ! by JavFast