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セックス エロ 動画 Run away, get caught, fucked! ! A female teacher · Killaya Konoya attacking hell! ! A female teacher who has taught at a co-school in Japan. The trust from the students was also great, and both men and women were living a fulfilling life both before and after marriage. But I did not know. Furthermore there are graduates holding a distorted love .... One day, before that, a man who appeared as "Suzuki" appeared. Reunion with that Suzuki was the beginning of "School gangbaggy taggage" that does not end! 

逃げる、捕まる、犯される!!女教師・桐谷なおを襲う輪姦地獄!!とある共学校で教鞭をとっている女教師・なお。生徒からの信頼も厚く、彼氏との結婚も控え公私ともに充実した生活を送っていた。しかしなおは知らなかった。なおに対してゆがんだ愛情を抱いている卒業生がいる事を…。そんなある日、なおの前に「鈴木」と名乗る男が現れる。その鈴木との再会こそが、終わらない「校内輪姦鬼ごっこ」の始まりだった!! by JavFast