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A share house where young men and women live under one roof. There is absolutely no private space here. Because the landlord has installed a camouflaged camera everywhere to satisfy his own desire .... A couple's hot-hearted sex, an electric maeannee to calm the body that is painful, and a lesbian play beyond a line of close friends. The disturbing sexual activity of young people is revealed by camouflage cameras! You can watch "super supernatural" voyeur film that nine people of amateurs and men do not care about it.

若い男女がひとつ屋根の下で暮らすシェアハウス。ここにはプライベートな空間など一切無い。大家が自らの欲望を満たすために、いたるところに盗撮カメラを設置しているのだから・・・。カップルのイチャイチャセックス、疼く身体を鎮めるための電マオナニー、仲の良い友人という一線を越えたレズプレイ。若者たちの乱れた性活が盗撮カメラによって暴かれる!素人男女9名が所構わずヤリまくる“超生々しい”盗撮映像をご覧あれ。 by JavFast